By law, the University of Oregon has “a responsibility to ensure orderly retention and destruction of all public records, whether current or noncurrent, and to ensure the preservation of public records of value for administrative, legal and research purposes” (ORS 192.001). The University Records Management Program supports employees to meet our shared responsibility for recordkeeping by providing guidelines, tools and services consistent with applicable laws, UO policies, international standards and best practices. 

The University of Oregon also has a University Records Management Policy which states the University “is to have a university-wide Records Management Program.” (IV.10.01) 

Public Records and Records Management

University Records Management and the Office of Public Records are two distinct units at the University of Oregon. The Office of Public Records responds to requests from members of the public for university records. University Records Management assists university employees and departments with organizing, retaining, and disposing of records following university policy and state laws. Although the work of both offices is concerned with university records, the functions are distinct. For more information about records, see the What is a Record webpage.