UO Records Management, in partnership with UO Libraries Special Collections and University Archives, works with a vendor to offer storage and scanning services. To start the conversation, please complete the Records Management Service Request form.

Before shredding paper or deleting e-mails, word documents, .pdf or other files or data received or created by the University of Oregon, be sure these are not subject to retention requirements. UO uses an organization-wide Records Retention Schedule (RRS) to guide its recordkeeping.

Records Destruction Procedures


Records Management maintains the university’s contracts for confidential shredding services and covers the cost of routine confidential paper shredding.

Eugene Campus:
Garten Services provides secure shred bins to offices for confidential shredding for the Eugene campus. To get a new bin, or have your existing bin emptied, please contact Garten directly at eugeneshred@garten.org and identify yourself as a unit/dept under UO’s contract. The phone number is (541) 868-1550 ext. 3700.

Portland Campus:
Access provides confidential shredding services for the Portland campus. For services, please contact records@uoregon.edu or (541) 346-5508.

Appropriate disposal of any documentation that bears confidential information

Regardless of whether the material being disposed of are record copies or duplicates, employees are asked to confidentially dispose of documentation that contains  

  • personally identifiable information,  
  • medical information,  
  • trade secrets,  
  • financial information, or  
  • are otherwise considered "confidential by law or are confidential by law and negotiable instruments (even when canceled or satisfied in writing)," as noted in OAR 166-030-0060 by confidential shredding.