Our Responsibility

As a state institution, the University of Oregon is subject to laws regarding public records and records management. The university, each of its departments and units, and every employee have the legal responsibility to demonstrate the proper care and management of records.

As an employee, that means:
As an office, that means:
  • Appointing a Records Steward to oversee and assist in departmental records management. 

  • The Records Steward is responsible for working with University Records Management to create a records inventory and maintain a regular log of records that have been destroyed.

  • The Records Steward will work with others in their unit to ensure timely, recurring, and proper disposal of records not subject to the records retention schedule and records that have reached the end of their retention period.

  • Ensuring documents and data that are records with established retention periods are appropriately stored in a manner consistent with university-wide security protocols and tracked in your unit’s recordkeeping documentation.

  • Informing University Records Management as departmental business practices change to ensure the university's retention schedules remain up to date.


If you have questions about your responsibility as an employee or university office, please email records@uoregon.edu.